UP Faith and Family is a subscription-based service that provides family-friendly and faith-based content along with entertainment. It offers a variety of genres like drama, comedy, inspirational content, romance, etc. Most of its contents align with Christian values & traditions. It even has a separate category for the most sought Christmas shows and must-watch mysteries. If you are someone who longs to enjoy watching TV along with your family without embarrassment, then UP Faith and Family should be your go. If you are a Roku user, you are lucky as UP Faith and Family channel is available on the Roku Channel Store for direct installation.

How Much is UP Faith and Family on Roku

UP Faith and Family offer two types of plans. A Monthly and Yearly plan.

  • Monthly Plan: $5.99/month
  • Yearly Plan: $53.99/year

It also offers a free trial for 14 days.

What’s on UP Faith and Family

  • UP Faith and Family have 100s of commercial-free movies & shows.
  • It has some famous series like Bringing up Bates, Jason, and the Argonauts, Studio C, etc.
  • Users can save upto 25% with the annual subscription.
  • Catchup and behind-the-scenes specials of famous series are available.
  • You can watch it on any device like laptops, Smartphones, TVs, and tablets.

How to Sign Up for UP Faith and Family

1. Visit UP Faith and Family’s official website on a browser.

2. Click on the Join Now button provided at the top-right corner.

Click on Join now to watch UP Faith and Family on Roku

3. On the next screen, enter your e-mail address and click Continue.

4. Now, choose a plan of your choice.

5. Enter your e-mail address, password, and your payment source information. Then, click Start subscription.

Subscribe to a plan and watch UP Faith and Family on Roku

6. Now, your UP Faith and Family account gets created and its free trial period will begin.

7. You’ll get a confirmation through your e-mail address along with the channel’s credentials.

NOTE: You’ll be charged for the chosen subscription plan automatically after the end of the 14-day free trial.

How to Get UP Faith and Family on Roku

1. Turn on your Roku and connect it to the internet.

2, On its Home screen, scroll down and select Streaming Channels.

Click on Streaming Channels

3. In that, choose the Search Channels option.

4. Then, type in UP Faith and Family in the Search tab nearby and search for the channel.

Search for UP Faith and Family on Roku

5. Click on Add Channel option in the suggested channel.

6. Now, the channel gets downloaded on your Roku TV.

7. After the channel gets added, click on the Go to Channel option to launch it.

Alternate Way to Get UP Faith and Family on Roku

You can also download UP Faith and Family via the Roku Channel Store website.

1. Open the Roku Channel Store’s website on a browser.

2. Click on the Sign in option provided at the top and sign in to your Roku account.

Sign in to your Roku account

3. Now, in the Search channels tab, type in and search for UP Faith and Family.

4. Now, the app gets suggested. Click the Details option and enter the app info page.

5. On the UP Faith and Family’s app page, click on + Add channel.

Add UP Faith and Family channel on Roku

6. After this, the app gets automatically added to your Roku device within 24 hours.

Note: It’ll take 24 hours for any channel added through Roku Channel Store to appear on your Roku device. If you need the channel immediately, update your Roku’s firmware.

How to Activate & Watch UP Faith and Family on Roku

After installing the UP Faith and Family on Roku, it is necessary to activate it to access its holdings. Here’s how to do it.

1. Launch the UP Faith and Family channel and click on the Sign In option.

2. Now, a code along with the web activation link (https://my.upfaithandfamily.com/login) gets displayed.

3. Open the web activation link on a browser. Before this, you will be asked to log in to your UP Faith and Family account on the same browser.

Activate and Watch UP Faith and Family on Roku

4. Now, enter the activation code in the space provided and click Submit.

5. The channel will update within a few seconds for you to start streaming. Once you restart it, you can watch any movies and shows of your choice with ease.


1. How do I cancel UP Faith and Family subscription on Roku?

If you have subscribed to UP Faith and Family via Roku Pay or through the Roku Channel, then you can cancel your subscription only through your Roku account.