Vevo is a streaming service that primarily streams music videos on YouTube and on the Vevo app. The app is compatible enough to stream on devices like Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, Vizio, Samsung Smart TV, etc. It has a collection of 140,000+ music videos across all genres. You can watch Vevo originals and collaborations of music artists like Ariana Grande & The Weeknd, Future’s Live concert, etc. With Apple Music and Vevo on Roku, you can listen to the whole package of new and your favorite music all the time. You can install the Vevo app on Roku from the Roku channel store.

How Much Does Vevo Cost on Roku

Vevo is completely free to stream videos that include ads on the platform. You can select your favorite album and artist file and play it on your device.

How to Install Vevo on Roku

#1 Power on your Roku device and press the Home button on the remote.

#2 Click Streaming Channels on the home screen to open the Roku Channel Store.

Click Streaming Channels on Roku home screen

#3 Then, click on the Search Channels to open the search bar.

Click on Search Channels and install Vevo on Roku

#4 Search for Vevo and select the app from the search result.

#5 Click Add Channel to add Vevo app on your Roku device.

How to Activate Vevo on Roku

#1 After installing, click on the Go to Channel to launch the Vevo app.

#2 An Activation code appears on the Roku TV screen.

#3 Open a web browser and visit the Vevo activation website [] using your PC or smartphone.

#4 Enter the Activation code and click Next on the Vevo site.

Enter the Activation code in Vevo site

#5 login to your Vevo account to activate the app on Roku.

#6 After activation, you can start streaming Vevo music on your device.

Other than the Vevo app, you can use Hulu to watch certain Vevo channels in it. YouTube allows you to stream many Vevo music videos on your Roku.

Vevo Contents

By choosing the Vevo channel,

  • You can watch 100 themed Channels of music like genres, moods, and new releases.
  • Using the search function, you can search for your favorite content easily.
  • The Special Mixer feature allows you to select a genre, timeline, and style to create your own playlist of music.
  • Like your favorite music to create the Your likes channel to watch your favorite music later.
  • You can listen to Vevo Pop, R&B, Reggaeton, Trap, Country, Latino, 70s/80s/90s, and Holiday channels content on Roku.
  • By accessing the Newsroom, you can get to know the updates of every new and top artist’s new album releases.