Viki on Roku is the best platform available for watching your favorite Korean dramas (K-dramas) and shows. Apart from K-dramas, it airs dramas and movies in more than 160+ languages, including Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Taiwanese, and more. This media streaming platform from Rakuten has subtitle teams that provide subtitles to the series in many other languages. Unlike other service providers, Viki has a better and updated content library with over 1000 on-demand series. Also, Viki streams some of the ongoing series as well as many other completely aired shows.

How Much is Viki on Roku

You can access the Viki platform for free. But ads will be displayed in between your streaming. To remove the ads, you need to get a Viki Pass at $4.99 per month. To subscribe to Viki Pass, visit

How to Add Viki on Roku

Viki is available on the Roku Channel Store. So, you can add the channel directly to Roku.

1. Go to the Streaming Channels from the Roku home screen.

Select Streaming Channels

2. Then, choose the Search Channels option.

Select Search Channels - Viki on Roku

3. Use the on-screen keys to search for Viki.

4. From the suggestion list, pick Viki.

5. Hit the Add Channel button, and the adding process will start.

6. Once the adding process gets complete, the Viki channel will be added to Roku.

7. Click on the OK button from the prompt. Next, choose the Go to Channel option to launch the Viki app.

Alternative Method – Add Viki to Roku

1. Open any web browser and visit the official website of the Roku Channel Store.

2. Sign in to your Roku account.

3. Use the Search Box to search for the Viki app.

4. Click on the Viki tile from the suggestion list.

Select the Viki tile

5. Choose the Add Channel button, and the Viki app will be added to Roku in 24 hours.

Select the Add Channel button

6. You can update Roku to get the Viki channel to Roku immediately.

How to Activate Viki on Roku

1. Launch the Viki channel and get the activation code. If you can’t see the activation code, select the Log In or Sign In button to get one.

2. Next, on a web browser, visit

3. Log in to your account and enter the activation code.

Login into Viki

4. After that, click on the Link Now button.

Activate Viki on Roku

5. Now, the Viki app will be activated.

6. Go back to the Viki app and stream streaming your favorite originals, movies, and other popular TV shows.

Stream Viki on Roku

How to Remove Viki on Roku

1. Turn on Roku and press the Home button on your remote.

2. Next, press the Right Arrow button on your remote.

3. Now, select the Viki channel and press the Asterisk button on your remote.

4. Hit the Remove Channel button and remove the Viki channel.

How to Troubleshoot Viki Not Working Issue on Roku

The following are some of the troubleshooting steps that will help you fix the issues on the Viki app.

1. Viki platform doesn’t support the use of VPN. So, disable the VPN if connected to any.

2. You might be running the outdated version of the Viki app. So, update the Viki app to the latest version Roku to remove the errors.

3. If there are any server issues on the Viki app, you can access its content. You can check the server outage using third party platforms using Downdetector.

4. Clear the cache on Roku to check if the issues are resolved.

5. Uninstall the Viki app and install it again.

6. Log out of the Viki app and log in again. Then, check if the issues are resolved or not.

7. If there are any issues on the Viki app, the issue will be resolved by restarting your Roku TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Rakuten Viki supports captioning?

Yes, Rakuten Viki supports captioning.

2. Is Rakuten Viki app safe?

Yes, Rakuten Viki is a safe platform to watch Korean movies and TV shows.