Roku is a streaming service that allows us to access a lot of entertaining content. But the most popular streaming service has a subscription fee for providing a premium viewing experience. However, creating a Roku account is entirely free of cost. Some channels on Roku are free for the users and do not charge you for that on monthly bases. But there is a chance for us to maintain some subscription to many paid channels, and that is the reason why Roku is charging us every month.

What is the Roku channel?

The Roku channel is your home for free and premium TV entertainment anywhere you go. This offers you various channels and TV shows online. This is Roku’s streaming channel that delivers free TV, movies, sports, and news to anyone with a Roku account. There are Four types of channels on Roku TV,

  • Free channels
  • Subscription channels
  • Authenticated channels
  • Rent/ Buy channels

Free Channels

These channels provide free access to shows, movies, news, music, and more. You can access them freely without any fee paid. Here are the channels that can be accessed freely, including Youtube, Pluto TV, CBS news, Tubi, and Crackle; these are channels that are free to access.

Subscription Channels

On the Roku channel, there is an option to get extra channels by getting the subscription plan to watch Netflix, Cinemax, STARZ, etc. This service also provides 7 days free trial period, which allows us to check if the service they provide would meet our expectations. Of course, these channels should be paid for every month.

Authenticated Channels

The Roku channel store is a channel known as “TV Everywhere.” These channels give you access to additional, free content based on your existing cable and satellite subscription.

Rent/Buy Channels

These channels allow you to pay a one-time charge to rent or buy a TV show or movie without signing up for a monthly subscription plan. This is known as Rent/buy channels.

Reasons for Roku Charging you Every Month

We all know that Roku does not require any monthly payment. But some other possible sources can charge you will using the Roku service.

  • Subscription channels
  • Paid channels
  • Having more than one account

Some channels may be working on subscription bases, and initially, most offer a free trial period; once the trial period is over, you will be charged automatically from the following bill cycle. To avoid the payment, you can unsubscribe before the end of the trial period. This process helps in avoiding the payment that Roku charges you. Sometimes having more than one account could also be a reason for you being charged as we might fail in managing the account and the subscription plans.

Methods to Solve and Stop Roku from Charging Us

Here are some methods to solve the Roku charges every month,

  • Roku account for purchase history
  • Set a Roku secret PIN
  • Should Have one Roku account
  • Check for pending Charge

Roku Account for Purchase History

Whenever you buy a service from the Roku channel, this is recorded in the purchase history. You can trace the history of anyone who purchased any service earlier, which leads to charge you on monthly bases. You will be getting an invoice for all your purchases as well.

1. Visit the Roku website using your PC or Mac on any default browser.

2. Then, Log into your account by using the associated credentials.

3. Now, navigate the My Account page, and the View Purchase History tab.

4. Check the date of purchase and the upcoming billing dates in your Payment Account tab, and then check if it matches the one on the invoice.

5. Here, you have to notice that the Invoice date is usually one or two days ahead of the purchase.

6. After this process, you must check the channels list and your payments.

Using this method, you can find out why the Roku asks for charging.

Set a Roku Secret PIN

All the members in the home, including your visiting friends, can use your Roku device; they may use your Roku TV or Player. In this case, it is important for you to set a secret PIN for your Roku; this will allow only you to add channels to your Roku. So this would prevent other users from subscribing to paid channels without your knowledge.

How to setup Secret PIN on your Roku Account

1. Visit the Roku website on Android, smartphone, or computer.

2. Enter the Email and Password to Login into your Roku account.

Sign in to the Roku account to know why Roku is charging.

3. Then, Click on the Update icon on the PIN Preferences. From the three preferences, you can select the one you need.

4. The First two options need the 4-digit PIN for verification. If you have created it before, you must enter it during the verification process.

5. Now, Save the Changes and accept all the terms and conditions.

Should have One Roku Account

It is usual to have multiple Roku devices in the rooms of each family member. But, in most cases, all devices are logged in using the same Roku account. However, there are possibilities for having different Roku accounts, so check the purchase history of all the accounts to verify the charges made by Roku.

Check for the Pending Charges

If you have cash in your PayPal or Credit card, the Roku service provider may hold the subscription money two or three days before the upcoming billing cycle. For instance, if the billing date falls on the 10th day of every month, the service provider will hold the fund two days prior, i.e. on the 8th day of the month. Doing so prevents the delay in paying for the subscription and can also be a reason for the charges on Roku.

How to Cancel Roku Premium Subscription

After figuring out which premium service is charging you every month, follow the steps to cancel your Roku subscription for that service.

1. First, press the Home button on your Roku remote.

click on the home button

2. Move and select the Streaming service which you want to cancel.

3. Press the Star Button, and go to the menu tab.

Press the star button for Roku charging

4. click on the Manage subscription that contains the renewal date and other options.

5. From the menu, select the Cancel subscription and confirm the process.

6. When prompted, click on the Cancel subscription again.

7. Once the process is over, Roku will confirm the cancellation and let you know the last access day.

8. Finally, choose the Done button.

After canceling the premium subscription, check whether Roku asks for the charges again.


Why is Roku charging me for Hulu?

Roku does support in-app purchases, so any similar applications, including Netflix, Hulu, YouTube TV, and Fubo. You will have to pay the monthly or annual recurring service cost as an additional charge.

How many free channels do you get with Roku?

Roku offers over 300+ free live TV channels, including live news, sports, reality shows, kids’ entertainment, Spanish channels, and more.