YuppTV has evolved into the world’s largest over-the-top streaming service. Whether you want to watch movies, TV shows, or live TV channels, YuppTV is the one-stop destination. It is available for Roku and you can instantly stream the catch-ups anytime. The video contents are classified under different genres like sports, news, family, entertainment, music, etc. So, you will be able to watch almost all your favourite regional contents. The most unique feature of YuppTV includes its support for live TV. With this, its users can live stream videos and stay up-to-date about the latest entertainment contents. Find out the features of YuppTV on Roku and its installation procedure from this article.

Features of YuppTV on Roku

The salient features of YuppTV are as follows.

  • You can stream more than 250 live Indian TV channels.
  • It lets you watch about 5000+ movies and hundreds of TV shows.
  • YuppTV will give access to 7-days of catch-up TV and regional movies.
  • The database of YuppTV will be updated on a regular basis and you will even find the latest contents.

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How to Install YuppTV on Roku?

YuppTV is a standalone Roku channel. The steps given below would help you get YuppTV Roku app.

#1. Power on your Roku TV and press the Home button on Roku remote.

#2. To open Channel Store, highlight and select Streaming Channels option.

Select Streaming Channels
Select Streaming Channels

#3. On the next screen, choose the Search option. Provide name as YuppTV on the search bar.

#4. Select the same from the list of suggested channels shown.

#5. After that, select Add Channel button to start its downloading on Roku TV.

Add YuppTV to Roku
Add YuppTV to Roku

#6. At last, if you receive a confirmation pop-up, click OK.

How to Activate YuppTV on Roku?

After downloading the YuppTV Roku channel, you should activate it to access its features further.

#1. Go to Channel Store on Roku TV using Roku remote.

#2. Scroll down to select and launch YuppTV app.

#3. Make a note of the activation code shown on the Roku TV.

#4. Open the browser on your PC and visit https://www.yupptv.com/app/roku.aspx

#5. Click on Activate button to proceed further.

Click on Activate
Click on Activate

#6. Sign up for an account or enter the login details of YuppTV on the next screen.

Login or Sign Up to Yupp TV
Login or Sign Up to Yupp TV

#7. Now enter the activation code as shown on the smart TV.

#8. With this, YuppTV will refresh on Roku TV and you can start streaming its contents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is YuppTV available worldwide?

Yes. YuppTV is available in more than 191 countries all over the world.

What are the different packages available with YuppTV?

YuppTV offers three different packages. You can opt to pay a monthly fee of $9.99 or choose a half-yearly package at $54.99 or yearly subscription for $99.99.

Does YuppTV charge the user for registration?

No. YuppTV registration is completely free. New users will even get access to the free trial for a limited period.

Does YuppTV supports registering for an account using a social media account?

Yes. YuppTV users can log in using a Facebook account. However, it is limited to smartphone users only.

Is it possible to stream the same channel on multiple devices at the same time?

Yes. YuppTV supports streaming the same channels on up to four devices simultaneously.

To Conclude

Accessing YuppTV on Roku TV is that simple and you can stream live TV or on-demand contents in more than 17 languages.

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