When it comes to Operating system, both Tizen and Roku OS easily comes under the top 5 best TV OS. In this article, we are going to compare both of them. We will rack up their pros and cons and tell you which is better. In this comparison of Tizen vs Roku, we are going to divide it into several criteria and compare them based on that. And in the end, we are going to give you a final verdict on which is better out of both.

Tizen vs Roku

Comparison Between Tizen vs Roku

In the section below, we have given you a detailed comparison between Tizen Vs Roku. At the end of this section, you can easily identify which one suits you the best Tizen or Roku.

User Interface

The User interface is a deciding factor in choosing the best TV because only with the best UI you will get the best experience. But if you have mistakenly chosen the wrong UI, it will be quite hard for you to use the TV.

We start with the Status bar for Tizen. When searching browsing from the status bar, it is not that user-friendly and is not so intelligent when compared to Roku. Although Tizen does look like it is a loss in this aspect, it does have a feature many OS doesn’t have, which is the primary highlight color of your choice. It also has a smooth scrolling that leads to an easier and more convenient browsing experience.

User Interface Tizen vs Roku

When we come back to Roku TV OS, it is a better OS in all aspects. We talked earlier about how Roku is more intelligent than Tizen. This is because when you search for something in Roku’s search bar, Which is called universal search. This universal search lets you choose the show you are looking for from the plethora of streaming apps present. Not just that, it remembers that and recommends relatable content in your My feed. What’s more amazing is, let’s say you are searching for a movie; it will arrange all the streaming options for that movie in order of lower to a higher price.

User Interface Tizen vs Roku

With a rather clean UI and universal search bar and an overall minimalistic look, if we are to compare both, the Roku clearly outshines Tizen OS.

Personalization and Features: Tizen vs Roku

When it comes to personalization, both trade blows. For those who want numerous personalization hidden under the number of sitting will definitely like Tizen. Since Tizen is based on open-sourced Linux software, developers can make changes and experiment with new ideas. For Tizen, there is one more aspect where it prospers more, and that is IoT (Internet of things). For a company as big as Samsung, with a huge range of products in its arsenal (smart TV, smart cameras, appliances, smartphones, and more) at its heart, it is powered by Tizen. Because of this, all Samsung functions are very well interconnected.

Personalization and features Tizen vs Roku

If we come to the Roku side over the years, it has pretty much been very lighthearted in terms of personalization. But now, as it is getting more and more mainstream and not just a second division OS, it is making rapid growth in terms of personalization. With the latest update, Roku OS now has an Expanded search content discovery feature. It also has a new What to watch, which is ideal if you are looking for something new. And Roku’s list of personalization rounds up with its Roku Photo Streams feature, which lets you set photo albums. All the images uploaded can now be used as a screensaver on Roku.

Personalization and features Tizen vs Roku

Voice Assistants

In the section below, we will be comparing the voice assistants of Tizen and Roku.

Bixby for Tizen

For Tizen, the default OS has always been Bixby, so we will compare that to the Roku’s voice assistant. However, we must add the fact that Samsung is slowly rolling out Google assistants on their TVs. This will be a huge benefit for Tizen as with google and its deep integration with the operating system and voice recognition which is best in class. Now with all this said, we still have a big but to raise, and that is because Samsung has launched this only for the US as of now, so for comparison purposes, we will have to default back to Bixby. You must have already understood by our tone how likable Bixby is in the tech enthusiast region. Although Samsung and its Voice assistant have developed leaps and bounds from the condition, it was in during the initial stages. The wake word for Bixby is Hi Bixby.

Voice assistants Bixby on Tizen

Hey, Roku for Roku

Although we bash Tizen for its voice assistant Roku’s isn’t that groundbreaking either. But we must say it does what it’s told properly and some more. We have Roku Voice control quite recently as it started shipping out with its new remote. Roku Voice control lets you do simple tasks like Turn on captions or Find Action movies to do tasks or enabling features. It does what it tells and is quite perfectly boring; it’s not a bad thing, we must say. However, it does have two gimmicks that work with its remote that is full-on hands-free use. The other one is actually very usable, and you have the feature to find your lost Roku remote. It is basically you asking Roku for your lost Roku remote, and it will make a very audible noise. The wake word for Roku is Hey Roku.

Voice assistants in Roku

For now, our verdict for Tizen vs Roku in terms of voice assistant remains Roku’s voice assistant as Samsung has not launched Google assistant on its device globally. But as soon as it does that, we might have to reconsider our decision.


Now we won’t lurk into this context more as this is where the boundary slowly starts fusing with Streaming platforms. Now for this, we have to keep props to both the company for being neutral with all the streaming platforms giving them a wide variety of content to browse through. Although when it comes to Roku and Tizen, based on the number of channels and applications they provide, Roku still remains ahead statically speaking.

Update Tizen vs. Roku

Since Tizen is an open-sourced Linux-based operating system, the updates are usually very timely and can be supported by many. Since it is open-sourced, many developers can contribute to its betterment. And because of this reason, it gives it a major growth opportunity. Tizen provides, because of its being open-source, an ideal environment for adaptability and customization.

Update Tizen vs Roku

As for updating Roku OS, based on how you look at it, it can be called both noon and a curse. It indeed brings in more stability, polishes the UI, and even adds more features. But with, our many experiences with numerous errors caused by bugs that come with the updates give the OS a bad look.

For this category, we have to give it to the Tizen OS because of its lower buggy experience with updates.


When it comes to gaming, Tizen has the edge over Roku because of its support for Playstation and X-box controller. But you have to note that it is run over the web. The available games are RPGs, racing titles, and many casual ones.


When comes to Roku also provides a wide variety of RPGs, racing titles, and many casual games but doesn’t support the consoles, so it is an easy win for team Tizen. Also, you can use the best Roku TV settings for gaming for better gameplay.


Are Tizen TV good

Samsung’s Tizen is often viewed as one of the best in class; they are fast and smooth and stocked with the latest apps.
Although there is a wide variety available today for the users to choose and experiment from.

Is Roku TV good?

Roku TVs are great value, with several reasonable screen sizes for a small investment. They offer a fantastic operating system with all of the apps you could want, as well as some very excellent visual quality from the Roku TVs we’ve tested.