Channel PEAR is a media streaming tool that allows you to discover and watch live content from all around the world. It is a cloud-based streaming app which doesn’t require any media server or set-top boxes to manage its library. You need to create a free account with Channel PEAR to use this app. You may sync your library with any number of streaming devices such as Apple TV, Android, iOS, Kodi, Chromecast, Fire TV and Roku. This article we will discuss how to install Channel PEAR on the Roku device?.

Roku is the simplest way to access all your favourite content on your home TV. It supports various apps and services to install. To access Channel PEAR on Roku, you need to sign up for a free account and pair your Roku player with the Channel PEAR account. Now you are allowed to access additional material to your media library.

How to Install Channel PEAR on Roku?

Channel PEAR app is no longer available on Roku channel store. So you cannot install this app from channel store or there is no way to install it as a private channel on Roku. The side-loading is the only way to get Channel PEAR on the Roku device.

Enable Developer Mode on Roku

To side-load app to Roku, at first, you need to enable Developer Mode on your Roku device.

#1: To enable Developer Mode you should press the following remote button in the order.

Press Home button (3 times) => Up button (2 times) => Right (once) => Left (once) => Right (once) => Left (once) => Right (once).

enable Developer Mode on Roku

#2: Press the above remote buttons in the correctly in the same order, the Developer settings screen will open on your TV screen.

#3: The Roku device URL will be shown on the Developer settings screen. You need to copy and save the URL and the username and then select Enable installer and restart button.

Roku Developer settings

#4: The very next screen appears with the SDK License Agreement page. Here you read out the conditions and then click “I Agree” button.

SDK License Agreement on Roku

#5: After that, you are required to provide a Web server Password. After that select Set password and reboot to reboot or restart your Roku device.

Set Password to restart

#6: Once the Roku restarts you will be able to access the Developer mode.

#7: To access the Roku Developer mode and side-load apps, you should open the web browser on your computer.

Before that connect your computer with the same WiFi in which the Roku is connected.

#8: Move to the search bar and enter the URL (previously noted from step 3).

#9: You will be asked to log in with the username and password (step 5) and then click the Login button. Now you will be connected to Roku device in Developer mode.

Login in to connect Roku to developer mode

This process will open the Development Application Installer page.

Side-load Channel PEAR on Roku

#10: At first you have to download the Channel PEAR Zip file for Roku.

#11: Now Upload the Channel PEAR Zip file in the Development Application Installer page.

#12: Once the file is uploaded, click Install button to side-load this App on Roku.

Upload and install the Channel PEAR Zip file

#13: Roku will launch the app automatically after the app is downloaded. The app will be automatically added to the Roku Home screen.

Launch Channel PEAR app

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Pair Roku with Channel PEAR Account

#14. When the Channel PEAR app is launched for the first time on Roku, the activation code is generated.

Pair Roku with Channel PEAR Account

Important note: The code expires after 10 minutes.

#15: Go to Channel PEAR library on your computer and choose Pair option.

#16: Then click Roku from the drop-down list.

Channel Pear on Roku

#17: On the next screen, you should enter the code displayed on your TV. After that click Pair option.

Channel Pear on Roku

#18: When the pairing is successful, the screen will be displayed with a message stated Congratulations! You have paired your Roku device with channel PEAR.

After completing all the procedures you can enjoy all the contents in the Channel PEAR library on the big screen.

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As we previously stated that the Channel PEAR is not available on the official channel store. The side-loading is the only way to get Channel PEAR on Roku. Roku allows only one app to side-load at a time. If there any update or latest version of this app is released, you cannot update them directly from Roku. At that time you should follow the above instruction again to re-download the Zip file and re-upload it to Roku device.

To Uninstall Channel PEAR from Roku, go to the Development Application Installer page and then choose Delete button.