Roku has a cool collection of different fireplace apps. If you are not sure what a fireplace app is, you can find it in this section. Each fireplace app is designed to set up a mood and ambiance. With videos and suitable background audio, the fireplace apps bring to you a virtual fireplace. With these Fireplace apps, you can get a feeling of sitting beside a fire and warming up virtually. The following section will introduce you to a bunch of must-have fireplace apps on your device. Let’s get started.

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Best Fireplace Apps On Roku

When it comes to fireplace apps, Roku has both dedicated apps as well as other apps, which include a fireplace mode. So let’s make ourselves familiar with both of these apps.

Crackling Fireplace

Crackling Fireplace is a virtual fireplace app developed by AWG media. This app gives you a relaxing ambiance with its exquisite selection of fireplaces. In addition, it has choices of ambient sounds that you can choose from. It has a rating of 3.8 in the Roku Channel Store. Get the Crackling Fireplace app on your device and bring beautiful fireplaces to your screen and chill down.

NOTE: To get the Crackling Fireplace, you can visit the Roku Channel Store.

Best Fireplace on Roku

Fireplace Channel

Fireplace Channel is a must-have relaxing channel for your device. The app makes your TV a virtual fireplace and lightens up your mood with a relaxing ambiance. This virtual fireplace app has a rating of 3.6 in the Roku Channel Store. Also, you can find Fireplace Channel under the category Screensavers on your device. To, get this Fireplace, you can visit the Roku Channel Store.

Best Fireplace on Roku

Virtual Fireplace

Virtual Fireplace is one of the best Roku fireplace apps. It is developed by One True Thing Media. The Virtual Fireplace has videos of fire with crackling sounds in the background. The app mainly focuses on bringing you a relaxing ambiance so that you can sit by the fire and enjoy it. It has a rating of 3.6 in the Roku Channel Store. Also, you can get the Virtual Fireplace on your Roku TV by clicking here.

Best Fireplace on Roku

Getreel Fire Places

Getreel Fire Places is the ultimate destination for anyone looking for a virtual fireplace app. This is because it brings you fireplace modes in 4K streaming quality. So you can cool off all your stress by sitting next to a virtual fireplace with crackling sounds. This app has been rated 2.5 in Roku Channel Store with 17170 ratings. Find the Getreel Fire Places channel under the Screensavers category on your device.

Best Fireplace on Roku

Christmas Songs And Fireplace

As the name itself suggests, Christmas Songs And Fireplace is a fireplace app that is Christmas-themed. You can sit beside a fireplace and listen to your favorite Christmas songs. This is a shortcut to celebrating the Christmas season. It doesn’t matter if it is Christmas or not; you can always brighten your mood up with this app. This app is developed by and has a rating of 1.9 in the Roku Channel Store.

Best Fireplace on Roku

Holiday Yule Log Fireplace

Holiday Yule Log Fireplace is a cheerful app developed by Stream Go Media Group. This app is also a holiday season-themed channel and brightens the mood of your holiday. With a virtual fireplace beside you, you can calm down by listening to holiday season music. To get the Holiday Yule Log Fireplace on your Roku TV, you can click here.

Holiday Yule Log Fireplace


As you already know, Netflix is one of the top media streaming services around the world. However, you might not know already that it has a large library of fireplace videos. So, if you already have Netflix, there is no need to add another app for a virtual fireplace. You can find videos like Fireplace For Your Home: Season 1, Fireplace 4K: Classic Edition, and Fireplace 4K: Crackling Birchwood Edition.


Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is another popular media streaming service like Netflix. You can get access to a couple of fireplace videos on this streaming service as well. Find videos like Fireplace Meditation Relaxation Sounds, Relaxing Beach Campfire, and Fireplace 4K: Classic Edition on Prime Video. The Classic Edition of the fireplace in 4K is subjected to Geographic restrictions.

Prime Video


YouTube is a very popular app among both video creators and people who enjoy watching videos. Unlike most other services, YouTube has hundreds of fireplace videos to choose from. Just like you can find a lot of options on any other relevant topic, YouTube hosts a lot of interesting fireplace videos as well. With that, you can search for videos like Fireplace 10 Hours HD, Christmas Fireplace Scene, or 8 Hours Of Christmas Fireplace on YouTube.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to get a Fireplace screensaver channel on my Roku TV?

You can add Fireplace channels like the Crackling Fireplace from the Roku Channel Store.

2. Does Roku have a Fireplace channel?

Yes, Roku has a Fireplace channel in the channel store.