Hisense, a well-known electronics brand, in collaboration with Roku, manufactures Hisense Roku TV. These TVs are known for their slick design and robust performance. But any electronics can bring up problems for whatever reasons, and Hisense Roku TV is not an exemption. One such problem is the black screen problem in Hisense Roku TV. But you can easily iron out this problem on all causes with some basic troubleshooting techniques that are just a few lines away from you.

Reasons for Black Screen Problem on Hisense Roku TV

There could be many reasons why your Hisense Roku TV is displaying a black screen. Some of the common reasons include,

  • Accumulation of Cache files.
  • Loose cable connections or faulty power cable connections
  • Problems with your remote
  • Minor glitches on your TV

How to Solve the Black Screen Problem on Hisense Roku TV

Power Cycle your TV

Power cycling is a simple yet effective method to solve minor glitches on your TV. A power cycle is cutting down the power supply to the TV and turning it on again. Doing this would clear all the bugs that were troubling your TV before. To do a power cycle,

1. Turn off your Hisense Roku TV and unplug the connections.

Power cycle your TV and fix Hisense Roku tv black screen issue

2. Wait for a few minutes.

3. Replug the TV and turn on the power supply.

4. Now, turn on the TV.

If your TV screen is still black, proceed to the next method.

Clear Cache on your TV

Cache files are a necessary evil that helps your operating system run faster. But at the same time, it gathers over in excess in some time and makes your system laggy. These cache files could also be a reason for your TV displaying a black screen. So you have to clear it every now and then. To clear the cache on your Hisense Roku TV,

1. Turn on your Hisense Roku TV.

2. Now, on your TV remote, press the home button 5 times in a row.

Clear cache and fix Hisense Roku TV black screen issue

3. Press the Up arrow once and the Rewind button twice consecutively.

4. Now, press the fast-forward button twice.

The device will freeze for a few seconds and gets restarted automatically. Once it comes back on, the black screen issue should be fixed. Otherwise, try a few more times before moving to the next step.

Check Power Outlet and Cable

The power outlet could also be the reason for the black screen. The power outlet might be faulty or not be able to deliver enough power for your Hisense Roku TV to work.

1. Check if the TV’s power cable is properly connected to the socket.

2. If not, try connecting the power cable to another socket and check.

If your Hisense Roku TV starts working, the power socket is responsible for the black screen. Moreover, ensure there are no physical damages on all the cables connected to your Hisense Roku TV.

Reset Hisense Roku TV Remote

A faulty remote cannot turn on your TV and your TV will stay in standby mode even upon pressing the power button. So, resetting the Hisense Roku remote is a viable solution. Before resetting your remote, turn on your Hisense Roku TV using the power button attached to the TV. If it works, then we can confirm that the problem is with the remote.

1. Before resetting, replace the battery with a newer one and check its condition.

Reset the remote

2. Then, press the power button for 30 seconds on your remote controller.

3. Now, your remote is reset. Turn on your TV with that.

If it still doesn’t turn on, follow the ensuing techniques.

Factory Reset Hisense Roku TV

A factory reset or a hard reset is a method that involves deleting all the stored data on your Hisense Roku TV. Data like account information, cache files, downloaded media, etc., will get deleted after performing any of these resets. So, we presume that you have a backed up all your data beforehand.

Since the black screen is the only thing we can see, we cannot factory reset the Hisense Roku TV with the remote. But we can utilize the factory reset button attached to Hisense Roku TVs.

1. First, locate the factory reset button on your TV. Usually, it is at the side of your TV, close to the HDMI or USB port. It is a very small button and you need a pin or a similar-sized object to press it.

Press the reset button

2. Now, press and hold the button for 30 seconds. If it doesn’t induce any response from the TV, try pressing the button multiple times without holding it.

Had it worked, your TV would restart a few times and turns on. If it doesn’t, then there has to be a serious problem lurking in your TV.

Check for Faulty Backlight

Your Hisense Roku TV could be on, but if the backlight is defective, you will not see any picture at all except the black screen. To check if the problem is really with the backlight,

1. Ensure your TV is powered on.

2. Point a flashlight at your TV screen.

3. If your TV backlight is working well, then you should see the reflection of the flashlight.

4. But, if you see dull images on your TV screen, then your TV backlight is defective.

Backlight can be fixed by replacing the LED strips of your TV screen. It’s a process that requires technical expertise. We advise you to contact the customer support for further assistance.

Contact Customer Support

If you are done with every possible troubleshooting method we have provided, it’s wise to contact an expert to diagnose your TV. They can precisely point out the exact problem that’s causing the black screen. So, report your issue either on the Hisense customer support website or the Roku Customer support website and get the necessary aid. If they identify any serious hardware issues, go to a Hisense Service Center and get it repaired.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to reset Hisense Roku TV with a black screen?

You can utilize the reset button provided at the side of your TV to factory reset your Hisense Roku TV.

2. What to do if my Hisense Roku TV goes black with just the status light blinking in red?

The blinking red light indicates your Hisense TV has detected a software or hardware error. It also indicates a damaged power supply or outdated firmware.

3. What to do if my Hisense Roku TV displays a black screen/no picture but has sound?

This is a very common problem with Hisense Roku TV users. Fix this by doing basic troubleshooting methods like power cycling, clearing the cache, resetting the tv remote, checking all the cables connected to your TV, and finally, a factory reset, which should be done only as a last measure.