Sling TV is the first and foremost streaming service for watching live TV channels online. It is compatible with all streaming devices like Fire TV, Android TV, Roku, etc. There is no free trial on the Sling TV. Sling TV has two types of subscriptions, namely, Blue and Orange. The subscription is debited automatically from the account. It is necessary to cancel the subscription before in hand if you wish to switch the service. Let’s look into steps to cancel Sling TV subscription on Roku.

Sling TV

Sling TV streams almost all the popular channels in its subscription package. It also offers cloud DVR storage for 50 hours to record live TV shows and watch them later. The Sling TV Blue package is preferable for News and Entertainment. Sling TV Orange is good for Sports.

Subscription PlanCost Simultaneous Streaming
Sling Blue$35 per month3 devices
Sling Orange$35 per month1 device
Sling Blue + Orange$50 per month4 devices

How to Cancel Sling TV Subscription on Roku?

The Sling TV subscription can be bought in the Roku using the Roku account and thereby you can also cancel the subscription on the Roku device as well as the Roku website. Make sure that the cancellation of the subscription is before the end date to eliminate the charges for next month.

Through Roku Device

#1 Launch Roku device and sign in to your account.

#2 Press the home button on your remote and select Streaming Channels in the menu.

#3 Search for Sling TV in the Channel Store.

#4 Choose the Sling TV app and press * button on the remote.

#5 Tap Manage Subscription option.

Tap Manage Subscription

#6 Click Cancel Subscription in the Manage Subscription prompt.

Click Cancel Subscription

#7 Select Cancel Subscription again to end the subscription.

Tap Cancel Subscription to cancel Sling TV on Roku

Through Roku Website

#1 Go to the Roku website on your PC.

#2 Click Sign In and enter the Email, Password of your account.

Sign In to Roku account - Cancel Sling TV on Roku

#3 Move to My Account and tap Manage Your Subscriptions.

Select Manage your subscriptions - Cancel Sling TV on Roku

#4 Click the Sling TV app and tap Unsubscribe to cancel the subscription.

#5 Tap Done to complete the process.

How to Cancel Sling TV Subscription?

The subscription that is purchased on the Sling TV website can be canceled only on the official site.

#1 Launch Google Chrome browser and go to the Sling TV website.

#2 Tap Sign In and provide your Sling TV account details.

#3 Click Settings and choose Manage Account.

Select Manage account - Cancel Sling TV on Roku

#4 Select Cancel Subscription in My Account and tap Cancel Subscription again in the prompt.

Click Cancel Subscription

#5 Choose the reason to cancel and select Continue to Cancel.

#6 Click Confirm My Cancellation to close the subscription.

Tap Confirm My Cancellation

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Thus, we can cancel the Sling TV subscription on Roku in two ways. You can use the service till the due date if you have canceled the subscription earlier. Apart from the paid subscription, you can also watch movies, TV shows for free in the Sling TV Watch Free Now.