If you are a melomaniac, then there is no chance for you to be unaware of Google Play Music. Google Play Music was a music and podcast streaming service from Google that offered millions of songs and on-demand music. Though subscription-based, it allowed enjoying it for 30 days free of cost before subscribing. But the sad news for Roku as well as music lovers is Google Play Music has been discontinued and is no longer available. Let’s see some alternative apps to listen to music on Roku.

Alternate Ways to Get Google Play Music on Roku?

Some third-party websites offer Google Play Music APK files even now. But any of the service’s holdings, like music, podcast, and radio, are streamed over the internet, and it is impossible to get them currently because its servers no longer exist. So like done before, even screen mirroring or casting Google Play Music from an Android device on Roku itself can’t be done.

But YouTube Music which had an earlier integration with Google Play Music, has taken over it now. It is a unique streaming platform that gives you access to official music along with videos. YouTube Music also has both free and premium versions, just like Google Play Music. YouTube Music’s premium is included in the YouTube Premium subscription.

Even old users with the Google Play Music app will be asked to get directed to YouTube Music.

Google Play Music on Android

Thus opt for it and get drenched in the rain of music on your Roku device. But YouTube Music is also unavailable in the Roku Channel Store. So you have to screen mirror or cast from supported devices like Android, iOS, and PC to get YouTube Music on Roku.

Best Alternatives for Google Play Music on Roku

There are lots of best music streaming platforms in the Roku Channel Store. It is easy to install them directly on your Roku device. Some of the best alternatives for Google Play Music are mentioned below.

Spotify Music

As of now, Spotify Music is the most sought music streaming platform worldwide. It offers trending songs in different languages across the globe. It is famous for its attractive interface and modern features. Spotify Music on Roku allows offline download, customizing your own playlists, and sharing it with your favorite ones in person as well as publicly on social media.

Spotify Music

It offers four variety of subscription plans. Individual plan costs $9.99/month, Duo costs $12.99/month, Family plan is available at $15.99/month, and you can get its Student plan for $4.99/month.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music on Roku is the best option for enjoying the music of excellent quality. The service includes more than 100 million songs in crystal clear sound clarity as it supports Spatial Audio. Its library keeps updating every now and then, and you are assured of getting new content every time you enter the channel. Hands-free Alexa support is also available.

Amazon Music on Roku

With Amazon Prime membership, which costs $14.99/month and $139/year, you can access the Amazon Music. Non-Prime users have to pay $9.99/month separately for Amazon Music.

Apple Music

Just like all the other premium products of Apple, Apple Music also doesn’t fail to maintain its individuality. It is capable enough to give you an experience like never before. With Apple Music on Roku, you can enjoy its music in the utmost quality and watch music videos in 4K. New subscribers can get one-month free access.

Apple Music - Best Alternative for Google Play Music on Roku

Get unlimited access to Apple Music’s content by paying $9.99/month.


Is Google Play Music available on Roku?

No. Google Play Music is not available on Roku. But there are lots of alternative platforms using which you can enjoy listening to high-quality music on Roku.