Home Shopping Network or HSN is a popular free-to-air channel. As the name suggests, this channel is all about home shopping. This American channel is owned by Qurate Retail Group. Even though HSN is America-based, it has its broadcast in different countries. HSN is available in the US, UK, Germany, Japan, Canada, Italy, and the Philippines. The history of HSN dates back to 1982, when it was first launched. Today, HSN streams HD broadcasts of home shopping shows. HSN has sister channels, including HSN2 and America’s Store. Let’s start shopping with HSN on a Roku device or Roku TV.

HSN on Roku

What’s on HSN?

HSN is an award-winning shopping service. It has a cool collection of products. You can find a lot of interesting stuff on HSN.

HSN on Roku
  • HSN is not just a shopping site. It also includes live broadcasts of the HSN channel.
  • The live HSN channel broadcasts will introduce the latest products on the HSN shopping site.
  • Also, you can find new products by searching for on-air products.
  • You can add all of your favorite products to your own cart and access them on various devices.
  • HSN lets you talk to customer service through a phone call.

How to Add HSN on Roku

Are you wondering if you can shop with HSN on Roku? The answer is yes. The Roku Channel Store hosts the QVC & HSN channel. This channel is an integrated store from HSN and QVC. QVC or Quality Value Convenience is another popular home shopping channel.

Step1: Start by turning on your TV and then connecting the Roku device or Roku TV.

Step2: Select the Streaming Channels options on the home page.

Step3: Next, choose the Search Channel option from the menu.

Step4: Type and search for the QVC & HSN channel on the search bar.

Step5: Now, select the QVC & HSN channel from the search results.

Step6: Further, click on Add Channel button.

Step7: Finally, click the OK button when the download is over.

HSN on Roku with AT&T TV

AT&T TV is a popular streaming service. It is available on various devices, including Roku. AT&T TV streams popular channels in different channel packages. On AT&T TV, get HSN as well. It streams HSN in the $69.99 per month Entertainment package. Further, get popular channels like QVC, CNN, MTV, FXX, FX, Lifetime, and Comedy Central on AT&T TV.

Wrapping Up

Home Shopping Network or HSN is a popular shopping network. It brings you a lot of popular products to the network. Also, find a lot of interesting and useful products. All the new products are introduced in the live TV streaming. These products are listed under the on-air section of the site. Further, you can shop from the QVC site in the QVC& HSN channel on Roku.