iON TV is an Online OTT streaming platform that primarily focuses on TV channels more than video-on-demand content. It telecasts family-oriented, and entertainment shows, both new and old content. You can buy any iON subscription plan and use it on Android, iOS, Roku, etc. It also allows its new customers to use its service for free for up to seven days so they can try it out and opt for a paid subscription.

How to Register for iON TV

1. Go to the iON TV website on your favorite browser.

2. Click the Subscriber now button in the upper right corner.

subscribe iON on Roku

3. Select the subscription package as per your wish.

iON TV subscription packs

4. Click New Customer and complete all the steps.

register for iON on Roku

5. After successful payment, your account will be activated successfully.

How to Install iON Channel on Roku?

Follow the steps below to install the iON channel on your Roku streaming device:

1. Switch on the Roku device.

2. Select Streaming channels in the left pane.

iON on Roku

3. Tap Search Channels under the streaming channels screen.

tap search channels button

4. Type iON International in the search box and press the OK button.

tap add channel - iON on Roku

5. Click Add channel button to download and install the channel.

6. On the next screen, tap on the Go to channel button.

click Go to channel

7. Activate your device and enjoy streaming iON international shows.

iON on Roku

Alternative Method – Add iON on Roku

Using the web version of the Roku Channel Store, you can add the iON TV app.

1. Open a web browser and visit the official website of the Roku Channel Store.

2. Click on the Sign In button from the upper right corner of the interface.

3. Input your Roku account credentials to sign in to your account.

4. Then, search for the iON TV and choose the same app from the search result.

Select the iON international app.

5. Finally, select the Add Channel button.

Click on Add Channel to install iON app on Roku

6. Enter the Roku PIN if required.

7. Finally, the iON TV will be added to your streaming device.

8. After adding the iON TV app, you can launch it.

How to Activate iON TV on Roku?

1. Launch the iON International channel on Roku.

2. A code will be displayed, as shown in the image below.

activate iON on Roku

3. Now call 1888-768-3862 from your registered mobile number.

4. Enter the code through IVR, and within a few seconds, the channel will be activated automatically.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you stream iON TV on Roku?

Yes, you can stream iON TV on your streaming device.

2. Is iON TV free on Roku?

Yes, the iON TV is free to add and stream on your TV.