Patreon is one of the media platforms in which content creators can get paid by uploading engaging content on the platform of premium users. Using the built-in tools for developing content, it is one of the best platforms to earn money for creative artwork. The Patreon app is available on iOS and Android and in the web version. If you need to access the Patreon platform on Roku, you should screen mirror the app from other devices.


Patreon is not just a platform for creators. It gives a library of podcasts, videos, and music to all people who like this stuff. It helps content creators by monetizing their content, and users should subscribe to access their content.

How Much Does Patreon Cost on Roku

Patreon offers three types of premium plans to its users. They are,

  • Lite: You need to pay 5% of the monthly income you earn from the Patreon platform.
  • Pro: 8% of the monthly income you earned from Patreon.
  • Premium: 12% of the monthly income you earned from Patreon.

How to Access Patreon on Roku

The Patreon app is not available on streaming devices. It is only available on iOS and Android devices. Therefore, you need to Cast or Screen mirror the Patreon app. You can stream Patreon on Roku from:

Screen Mirror Patreon from Android Devices

Before Casting Patreon, you have to enable screen mirroring on Roku. You need to make sure that your Android and Roku devices are connected to the same WiFi network.

1: Go to the Play Store and install the Patreon app on your Android device.

2: Now, open the Patreon app and sign in with your account.

3: After signing in, open the Notification Panel on your Android device.

4: On the panel, click the Cast icon to cast the Android screen.

Tap on the Cast icon

5: Select Roku from the list of available devices.

6: Now, you can access Patreon on your Roku device.

How to Cast Patreon on Roku using Windows PC

Enable the Screen mirroring on Roku before casting Patreon to the Roku device.

1: Connect your PC and Roku device to the same WiFi network.

2: Now right-click on the screen and select Connect to a Wireless Display option.

3: On the sidebar, choose Roku device to connect.

4: Next, select Allow option on your Roku device.

5: Open any web browser and visit the Patreon Official Website

6: Sign in with your Patreon account on the website.

Patreon webpage

7: Now, stream the Patreon content on your Roku device.

Screen Mirror Patreon from iOS Devices

Like Casting, you need to enable the AirPlay feature of Roku to screen mirror contents from iOS devices.

1: Make sure you have connected your Roku device and iOS smartphone to the same WiFi network.

2: Open the App Store, and install the Patreon app.

3: Next, tap on the Screen Mirroring option from the Control Center.

Tap on the Screen Mirroring icon

4: From the list of available devices, select your Roku device to connect.

5: Then, open the Patreon app and log in with your account.

6: Now, you can start using Patreon on Roku.

By following the three methods, you can use the Patreon app on your Roku device. In the future, the Patreon app might be added to the Roku channel store. The content on Patreon varies from Videos/Films, podcasts, comedies, comics, games, and education. Unlike creative spaces like YouTube, Patreon provides ultimate monetary power to the creators.


How often does Patreon pay?

Patreon pays the revenue of the content creators on every 1st day of the month.