If you are a Samsung Smartphone user, then Samsung TV Plus will be quite familiar to you. It is a free streaming service that is only available for Samsung devices. It has more than 200+ live TV channels, thousands of VOD content (movies and TV series), and more. Some of the channels available on Samsung TV Plus are CNN Replay, ABC News Live, Bloomberg TV+, Court TV Live, Bon Appetit, and more. It is available in more than 20+ countries like the United States, South Korea, Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, Mexico, and more. Moreover, you can also stream the Samsung TV Plus on streaming devices like Roku.

Can you Watch Samsung TV Plus for Free

Yes, all the content offered by Samsung TV Plus is for free. But you can only get the Samsung TV Plus on certain Samsung Galaxy models and Samsung Smart TVs. But you don’t have to worry as there is also a method you can use to stream Samsung TV Plus on your Roku.

How to Stream Samsung TV Plus on Roku

The Samsung TV Plus app is available only on certain Samsung Galaxy models. So, if you have one of the supported models, you can easily screen mirror the Samsung TV Plus app to Roku. Before that, you should enable Screen Mirroring on Roku.

1. Turn on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone and go to Play Store.

2. Search for Samsung TV Plus, and from the search results, choose the official app.

3. Click on Install to install the app on your device.

Note: To install Samsung TV Plus on your device, you need to have an Android 8.0 version or higher.

4. Go to the Notification panel on your device and tap on the Smart View icon.

Select Smart View to stream Screen mirroring

5. Choose your Roku device from the available devices list and hit the Allow button on your Roku.

6. Now, your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone’s screen will be mirrored to Roku.

7. Now, launch the Samsung TV Plus app and sign in to your account if required.

8. You can now play your favorites and stream on your Roku TV display.

That’s all, guys! You can now enjoy streaming your favorites from the Samsung TV Plus app to Roku.