TCL Roku TV is one of the most popular Smart TVs with the Roku OS. It offers you a lot of features for a reasonable price. Although it has awesome features, like any other Smart TV out there, there are times when the TV will not work properly. There have been a lot of complaints from users about the TCL Roku TV being stuck on the red screen, Stuck on the loading screen, stuck on the activation screen, and more. But you don’t have to worry about the issue as there are a lot of ways you can try to fix the issue.

Why is My TCL Roku TV Stuck on the Red Screen

Some internal bugs on your Roku TV may be the reason behind the Red screen issue, or the HDMI cable may be the core cause for the TCL Roku TV stuck on the Red screen issue. But it is not a serious problem as you can fix the issue by following the basic troubleshooting methods.

How to Solve TCL Roku TV Stuck on Red Screen

To solve the Roku TV stuck on red screen issue, you can use the methods below:

  • Check Your Internet Connection
  • Troubleshoot HDMI Source
  • Restart Your TCL Roku TV
  • Update Your TCL Roku TV
  • Power Cycle Your TCL Roku TV
  • Reset Your Roku Device
  • Call Customer Support

1. Check Your Internet Connection

If your Roku TV is stuck on the red screen, it might be due to a low internet connection. Check your internet connection by doing a speed test. If you find your internet to be slow, bring your TV close to your router or disconnect all your devices other than the Roku device from the internet. Now, check your internet speed again, the speed should have increased, and if the speed doesn’t increase, it means there is a problem with your router, and you need to restart the router.

1. Unplug the power cable from the wall outlet and wait for a few minutes.

2. Plug the power cable back into the outlet and check whether your internet is working properly.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, then you need to contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to fix the problem.

2. Troubleshoot HDMI Source

Check whether you have connected the HDMI cable correctly on your Roku TV, and also make sure that you have selected the correct input source on the TV. If both of them are fine and yet your Roku TV is still not working properly, the problem is with your HDMI cable. Replace the cables with a new one and check if the problem is solved.

3. Restart Your TCL Roku TV

Sometimes, restarting your Roku TV can easily solve the problem you are facing. Since your TV is currently stuck, you can only use the buttons on your remote to restart your Roku TV.

1. Turn on your Roku device, and on the home screen, press the Home button on your remote five times.

Roku remote

2. Press the Up Arrow button Once and press the rewind button twice.

3. Press the Fast Forward button twice, and now your Roku TV will restart.

4. Once the restart is done, check whether the issue is solved.

4. Update Your TCL Roku TV

If in case you want to prevent the TCL Roku TV stuck on the red screen issue further in the future, update Roku to the latest firmware.

1. On the Roku home screen, select the Settings option.

2. Choose System from the available options and select System Update.

3. Click on Check Now, and your device will automatically check for any updates available.

Select Check now

4. If there is a new update available, it will display on the screen, and select Update.

Your Roku device is updated to the latest version, and check if the problem is solved.

5. Power Cycle Your TCL Roku TV

Try power cycling your TCL Roku TV, as this method helps you to solve small issues on your device.

1. Turn off your TCL Roku TV and remove the power cable from the power outlet.

2. Remove all external devices connected to your TV.

3. Press and hold the Power button on your TV for about 15-20 seconds and wait for atleast 15-30 minutes.

4. After that, plug the cable back into the power outlet and turn on the Roku TV.

You have now power cycled your Roku. Then, you can check whether the issue is over.

6. Reset Your Roku Device

If none of the above methods help you solve the problem, you can try resetting your Roku.

Reset Using the Reset button or Pinhole

1. On the back side of your Roku device, there will be a reset button or a reset pinhole available.

2. If it is a reset button, press and hold the button for about 15 seconds.

Press and hold the reset button

3. If it is a reset pinhole button, use a paper clip and press and hold the pinhole for at least 15 seconds.

4. You will see the light blinking rapidly on your TV and this means reset is a success. Now, check whether the issue is solved.

Reset Using Settings on your Roku device

1. Press the Home button on your Roku remote and select Settings on the home screen.

2. Click on System and select the Advanced System Settings option.

3. Select Factory reset and choose Factory reset everything.

Select Factory Reset -TCL Roku TV stuck on red screen

4. Enter the code that you see on the screen in the given section and select OK.

Enter the Code - TCL Roku TV stuck on red screen

This will remove all your data, apps, and settings stored on the device. Now, check whether the fix has worked for you or not.

7. Call Customer Support

If none of the fixes have worked for you, the only option left with you is to contact Customer Support. They will guide you step by step and help solve the issue you are facing.