The VeggieTales is coming back with the Yippee on Roku! Yippee is an American channel that primarily features faith-filled shows, dramas, educational programs, and more useful content. This channel includes more than 1000 hours of VeggieTales short stories. The adventure and actions packed screen presence of computer animation will make the viewers amused with its every act. The appealing vegetables and fruits will retell the Christian stories from the bible in a more fun and understandable way. All the episodes presented on this channel include Judeo-Cristian messages in the form of song, dance, or some zany humor. If you’re looking for the best channel to add to your Roku device for teaching moral values to your Kids, then Yippee on Roku will be a great choice.

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yippee on roku

How to Add Yippee on Roku?

Visit the official website of Yippee TV, click on the START YOUR FREE TRIAL option, and create a free Yippee TV account. Then follow the below steps to add Yippee on Roku,

1. Connect your Roku device to the HDMI port of your Smart TV.

2. Now, take your Roku remote and press the Home button to view the main menu.

3. Click on the Streaming Channels option listed in the main menu.

Select Streaming Channels

4. Then, select Search Channels

Select Search Channels

5. Type “Yippee” using the virtual keyboard and select the Yippee channel in the search result.

6. Finally, click on Add channel option on the Yippee channel’s overview page.

How to Activate Yippee on Roku?

After adding the Yippee Channel to Roku, you need to activate it to stream faith-related content.

1. Open the Yippee channel on your Roku device and choose the SIGN IN option.

2. Once you click on the SIGN IN option, a Yippee activation code will appear on your Roku TV screen; just note it down.

3. Visit by using any browser on your mobile or PC/Laptop and login with your account.

4. Enter the Yippee activation code that you’ve previously noted and follow the onscreen instruction to finish the activation process.

5. After you complete the activation process, you’ll be able to access all the contents in the Yippee channel on Roku.

watch yippee on Roku

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How to Screen Mirror Yippee on Roku

You may notice that you have a built-in screen mirroring available on Roku. So, you can enable the screen mirroring option to mirror the Yippee app from Android or iOS smartphones to your streaming device.

To enable the screen mirroring, go to Settings > System > Screen Mirroring > Screen Mirroring Mode. On the Screen Mirroring mode section, choose the Prompt or Allways Allow option.

Enable Screen Mirroring on Roku

How to Screen Mirror Yippe on Roku from Android Smartphone

Below are the steps to screen Mirror Yippe on Roku.

1. Go to the Google Play Store and install the Yippee TV app.

2. Don’t forget to connect your Android Smartphone and Roku to the same Wi-Fi network.

3. After installing the Yippe app, open the Notification Panel on your Android Smartphone.

4. Select Cast from the Notification Panel.

Tap on Cast and watch Yippee on Roku

5. Then, choose your Roku device.

6. Next, launch the Yippee TV app and sign in to your account.

7. Now, stream any faith media content to watch on your TV.

How to Screen Mirror Yippee TV on Roku from iOS Smartphone

With the below steps, you can easily screen mirror the Yippe TV app from the iOS Smartphone to your streaming device.

1. Install the Yippee TV app from the App Store.

2. Next, establish a Wi-Fi connection between your iOS Smartphone and Roku.

3. Open the Control Centre and select Screen Mirroring.

Select Screen Mirror to watch Yippee on Roku

4. Then, tap on your Roku device.

5. Next, open the Yippee TV app and input your credentials to sign in.

6. Now, you can play any show you want to watch on your TV.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Yippe TV on Roku?

Yes, Yippee TV is available in the Channel Store.

2. Is Yippee TV free?

No, you need to subscribe to access Yippee TV.