Eurosport is a streaming platform that primarily focuses on broadcasting sports content like Cycling, F1, Football, and more. Using the network, you can get to access Live matches and many on-demand contents. It offers out-of-the-box content like live updates of football players’ contracts, transfers, the team’s new strategy, etc. To access the Eurosport channel on your Roku device, you need to follow the mirroring method from other devices.

How Much Does Eurosport Cost

Eurosport offers 5 different passes to stream its premium content for users. The pricing of the passes may differ according to the plan validity and where you live in. The passes that Eurosport offer are,

  • Monthly Pass
  • Annual Pass
  • Event Pass
  • Day Pass
  • Season Pass

Apart from these passes, you can watch some of the replays, post-match presentations, and interviews for free on the Eurosport website and in its mobile app.

What’s on Eurosport

  • It offers Live matches in HD, and it comes with two-channel networks.
  • You can get updates from the updates of the live matches on the app or website.
  • The mobile app of Eurosport offers a catchup feature to start where you left off.
  • You can watch Winter sports, Snooker, MotoGP racing, and many more sporting coverages.

How to Stream Eurosport on Roku

Eurosport doesn’t have an official app available on Roku. But you can access Eurosport content by screen mirroring feature on the following devices.

Screen Mirror Eurosport to Roku from Android

First, you should enable the Screen Mirroring feature on your Roku to Cast Android and PC devices to your device.

1. Connect your Android device to the same Wi-Fi that Roku is connected to.

2. Now, install the Eurosport app from the Play Store on your device.

Click on the install button to watch Eurosport on Roku and Android

3. Then, open the Notification Panel and tap the Cast icon.

Tap on Cast to watch Eurosport on Roku

4. Choose your Roku device to connect.

5. After connecting, open the Eurosport app and Sign in with your premium account.

6. Select any content from the library and start casting the content to your Roku device.

How to ScreenCast Eurosport to Roku from PC

Connect your Roku and PC to the same WiFi network to cast your screen to the streaming device. Make sure that the Screen mirroring option is enabled on Roku.

1. On a PC browser, visit the Eurosport website.

2. Click on the Sign in icon from the upper right corner.

3. Enter your login credentials on the website and sign in to your account.

Sign in with your account

4. Click on Live & Schedule from the home page.

Eurosport webpage

5. Choose a sports game and click on the Watch Now button.

Select Watch Now

6. Next, press the Windows + K keys on your keyboard simultaneously.

7. Then, choose your Roku device from the right side pane.

Select your Roku device

8. Finally, go back to the Eurosport webpage and mirror its content to your Roku-connected TV.

Screen Mirror Eurosport to Roku from iOS

For iOS devices, you should enable the AirPlay settings to screen mirror its content to the Roku device.

1. Turn on your iOS Smartphone and connect to the same Wi-Fi as your Roku.

2. Open App Store and install the Eurosport app on your device.

3. Now, open the Control Center on your iOS Smartphone.

4. Next, tap on the Screen Mirroring icon on your screen.

Click on Screen mirroring to watch Eurosport on Roku

5. Now, a list of available devices shows up. Choose your Roku device.

6. Enter the code that appears on your TV screen into iOS.

7. Finally, tap on the OK option on your phone screen.

8. Then, go to the Eurosport app and sign in with your account.

9. Now, choose any content and watch Eurosports on your Roku device.

The unavailability of the Eurosport channel on Roku gives us the only option to watch its content through screen casting & mirroring methods on smartphones. But soon, we may respect the Eurosport app on other streaming devices, including Roku.


Will my Eurosport pass gets auto-renew?

Yes, every Eurosport pass comes with an auto-renew feature that debits money from the account at the end of a subscription.