If you’re in an Apple environment, you must have heard about iTunes. It is a smart media player and library with tons of movies, songs, podcasts, and much more. You can watch them by either renting or purchasing. Apart from Apple devices, you can also stream iTunes movies on other media, including Roku.

There is no direct way to stream the iTunes library on your Roku device. But there are ways available for streaming iTunes Movies and TV shows on Roku.

  • Using the Apple TV app
  • Using Roku media player

The following procedures are also applicable to TVs with built-in Roku OS.

Watch iTunes Movies via Apple TV App on Roku

Using the Apple TV app is the easiest way to watch iTunes media content on your Roku. You can use this app to watch Apple TV Plus content.

[1] Turn on your Roku device and press the home button on your Roku remote.

[2] Scroll down to the Search option from the menu.

Download Apple TV app on Roku

[3] Search for Apple TV and click on the Apple TV icon from the suggestion.

Download Apple TV app on Roku

[4] Click on Add Channel to add Apple TV from the Roku channel store.

[5] Once the channel was added, click Go to Channel and launch the app.

[6] Enter your login credentials (Apple ID and password) and sign-in to your account.

You must sign-in with the iTunes account that you used to rent or purchase movies.

[7] All the iTunes media that you purchased or rented can be accessed from the Library section.

Download Apple TV app on Roku

Watch iTunes Movie via Roku Media Player

Generally, iTunes movies are DRM protected and cannot be saved to the hard drive. With the help of tools like NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus, you can extract the iTunes movies to the local storage for playback.

[1] Download NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus on your PC. Extract a movie or TV show from the iTunes app and convert it to the Roku supported format.

Visit the NoteBurner M4V Converter supporting page for the instructions.

[2] Copy and paste converted movie to a USB drive.

[3] Plug the USB on your Roku device.

[4] Search and add the Roku media player on your Roku device. (recent model of Roku comes with in-built Roku media player).

Roku Media Player

[5] Launch the Roku media player and open your USB drive.


[6] Play the converted iTunes movies, and it will play on your Roku device.

Note: If you have no USB port, you can share media via a Local network using servers like Plex, Windows media player, serviio, Ready Media, Twonky, and PlayOn.

iTunes on Roku


Movie Anywhere is one of the best Roku channels that allows you to bring together the collection of movies and series purchased or rented from various platforms. All you need to do is sign up with your Apple ID, and you will have access to all the available content that your Apple ID holds.

Movies Anywhere

These are some of the ways to access the iTunes library on your Roku device. Let us know by which method you have used to stream iTunes content. You can also mention if you know any easiest option to watch iTunes on Roku.