Tennis Channel is an American video streaming network that streams only Tennis contents all over the world. It was launched in 2003, and its headquarters are in California. It has an active subscriber base of 62 million, most of which are from cable networks. In 2019, they launched the Tennis Channel app for almost all OS like Android, iOS, Roku Firestick, etc. So in this tutorial, we guide you on how to watch Tennis Channel on Roku.

The Tennis Channel also offers a free channel inside its app called “The T,” which will bring the best TV shows for free. You can also opt for Plus subscription plans which offer live streaming of all Tennis matches directly into your app, and you can watch anywhere anytime on any device just by logging with your Tennis Channel account.

How to Install Tennis Channel on Roku?

1. Turn ON the Roku device and press Home button on remote.

2. Now select Streaming channels in the left menu.

Tennis Channel on Roku

3. Now select Search Channels under streaming channels.

click Top Free

4. Type Tennis channel in the search box with the help of remote.

type Tennis Channel

5. Now select the channel and then click Add channel button.

click add channel - Tennis Channel on Roku

6. Now you can see Tennis channel in your Home section.

7. Click the Tennis channel icon to launch the app.

select tennis channel

8. You can start streaming the Tennis channel, but you should activate any subscription packs in order to access it.

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How to Activate Tennis Channel?

1. Open the Tennis Channel on your Roku.

2. You will find an activation code on your TV.

3. Go to on your PC or smartphone.

4. Enter the code you see on the TV and choose the service provider.

5. Now click on the continue button.

6. Sign in with your details.

Now your TV will refresh and start loading content on your TV.

How to Sign Up for Tennis Channel on Roku?

1. Go to Tennis Channel website.

2. Click “SIGN UP NOW” button to create an account.

click signup now button

3. Fill in the form with the required details and click Next button.

4. Select any package and click NEXT STEP button

Tennis Channel on Roku

5. Complete your purchase using Credit card or PayPal.

6. After successful checkout, your Tennis channel subscription will be activate.

7. Now go back to Tennis Channel on your Roku device and log in with the account to which you have purchased the subscription.

8. Enjoy streaming your favorite shows and matches..

Tennis Channel on Roku


Thus, in the above article, we have guided you step by step on installing and activating Tennis Channel on Roku. Just follow the above tutorial, and you will be able to watch it on your Roku device. If you face any errors during the installation or activation process, share them with us in the comment section below.