Better Call Saul is a popular crime thriller television series. It was created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould. This series is a prequel and a sequel to another popular series Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad was also created by Vince Gilligan. Breaking Bad tells the story of an over-qualified chemistry teacher, Walter White. Walter gets diagnosed with lung cancer at an incurable stage. He then produces and trades meth with his former student. However, Saul is a greedy criminal defense lawyer and a former con-man. Let’s look at the possible ways to stream Better Call Saul on Roku.

Better Call Saul on Roku

The plot of Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul is a crime thriller drama. It is set in the mid-2000s in Mexico. Jimmy Mc Gill is a former con-man and a lawyer. Initially, he is a lawyer with financial problems. So, he develops into Saul, a greedy criminal lawyer. Mike Ehrmantraut is related to a drug cartel. Later on, Jimmy is scouted by Mike. The series is popular because of the quality acting of the actors. Further, the story and development of the plot were praised a lot.

Different Ways to watch Better Call Saul on Roku

Better Call Saul is one of the best crime thriller shows on AMC. It has 50 episodes in 5 seasons. Also, a new season of it is to be airing soon. We can stream Better Call Saul on-demand with the AMC+ channel on Roku. Further, let’s look at other channels on Roku that streams Better Call Saul.


AMC+ is the channel from AMC on Roku. It streams popular shows and series from AMC. It also includes the upcoming and current series on AMC. Apart from AMC, get BBC, IFC, and Sundance TV on AMC. The AMC+ subscription plan costs $8.99 per month.

AMC+: Better Call Saul on Roku


Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services. It streams mind-blowing series and movies. Also, you can stream Better Call Saul on Netflix. Netflix streams all the six seasons of Better Call Saul. Each episode of the series comes with a detailed explanation. Additionally, you can download the series for offline viewing.

Netflix: Better Call Saul on Roku

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime is a premium media streaming platform. It streams most of the popular shows and series. Amazon Prime Video has all five seasons of Better Call Saul. On Amazon Prime, you can purchase each season or episode of the series. For Instance, get season 5 for $23.99 in HD. Also, you can buy each episode of the season at $2.99 in HD.

Amazon Prime: Better Call Saul on Roku


Vudu is another popular streaming service. It streams popular movies and series from other services. Vudu doesn’t have a subscription plan. Instead, you can pay per series or movie you watch. It has all five seasons of Better Call Saul. Watch each episode of any season of the series is $1.99. Also, buy a complete season of Better Call Saul. For instance, get Season 5 for $16.99 or Season 1 for $14.99.

Vudu: Better Call Saul on Roku


FandangoNOW is another media streaming platform like Vudu. It doesn’t have its shows. Instead, it streams popular series and movies. Also, you don’t have a subscription plan on FandangoNOW. However, you can buy the movies and series to watch it. In the same way, watch Better Call Saul by purchasing its seasons.

FandangoNOW: Better Call Saul on Roku

Microsoft Movies

Microsoft Movies or Microsoft store is another streaming service with Better call Saul. It has all the five seasons of the season. You can buy the episodes or seasons of the season on Microsoft Movies. Get the fifth season of Better Call Saul at $24.99.

Microsoft Movies


Philo is a popular and easily affordable streaming service. You can stream a lot of popular Live Tv channels on Philo. It streams around 60 channels at just $20. Philo also brings to you AMC in its channel list. However, you can watch Better Call Saul when it airs. Also, stream the upcoming season of the series when it airs.


Sling TV

Sling Blue and Sling Orange are the two subscription plans on Sling TV. These plans cost you $30 per month. It brings to you a few of the popular channels. Further, customize your subscription line-up with add-on packages. However, the AMC channel is on both the basic plans. Here you can watch the upcoming and previous seasons of Better Call Saul.

Sling TV


AT&T TV is one of the best streaming services. It has different subscription plans in it. AMC is available on five different plans of AT&T TV. Like Sling and Philo, you can stream Better Call Saul on AT&T TV.


Wrapping Up

Better Call Saul is to have its final season early in 2022. It is supposed to top have 13 episodes. However, other seasons of the series had 10 episodes in it. The series will also be available on AMC. You can stream it with most of the above-mentioned streaming channels. Till it airs, stream other seasons of Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad. Have a great time streaming these popular shows.