We all know what Roku is; it is a streaming device that you can connect to your Tv’s HDMI port. After that, you can get the Roku OS on your TV, which you can use to add the best Roku channels for your entertainment. But sometimes, due to some issues, the Roku OS may not be able to run on your TV. So, this is the right article for you if you are facing any such kind of issue. Also, in the following section, you will get all the possible methods you can use to fix the Roku not working on TV issues.

How to Fix the Roku Not Working on TV Issues

The following are the working methods you can try to fix the Roku not working on the Roku issue.

Power cycle

The best first step to do is a power cycle. The power cycle is nothing but doing a restart of the setup manually. Follow the steps mentioned below to do that. Note that you will also have to power cycle your router in this too.

[1] The first step is to turn off both your Roku device and your router. when you have done that, remove the power cord from the socket too

 Power cycle to solve Roku not Working on TV

[2] The next step is to wait for 10-15. After that, plug back in everything and turn on both the devices.

Power cycle

[3] If you have a Roku stick, all you have to do is remove the stick from the HDMI port and wait for 10-15 minutes. Next, plug your Roku device back in.

Finally, you have power cycled your Roku device-connected TV. Many a time, the problem occurs because of some corrupt files. Using power cycles leads to a soft system reset which helps delete these cache files.

Overheating Causing Roku not Working on TV

Roku devices are not to be kept in direct sunlight or in closed places. This is because this leads to overheating, which leads to hardware damage. If this is the scenario for you, sooner or later, you will be getting a warning saying your device is overheating. With this, your Roku device will also project a solid red light indicating that your device is too hot.

Overheating Causing Roku not Working on TV

In situations like overheating issues on Roku, unplug the device and let it cool down for at least 10 minutes. Once you have done this, find a better location for the device to rest. If it is still not working, it is best to contact Roku support as overheating can do your device’s internal to get damaged, harming the device to work all in all.

Roku devices Have Low Power

The USB port is efficient enough for some of your Roku devices. But the higher-end ones with more work power need more juice to work properly. This leads to Red flashing light on your Roku device or a pop-up notification which means that the device is not getting a sufficient amount of power. Even though your Roku might work, your regular system will crash and behave differently.

Roku device having low power

To resolve this issue, you can do two things. One is to check whether you have the right USB cable that came with the device; if it is the same, then try using different ports in the TV. If this doesn’t work out, the second thing to do by use a power adaptor and plug it into the wall outlet.

System Restart

Doing a quick system restart helps the Roku device to work correctly. Now how to restart the device will depend on the condition of your Roku device. There are two possibilities one is your device is still in working condition, or the second is that the device is frozen.

If the Roku Device is in Working Condition

[1] Click the Home button on your Roku remote. From the list of options from the left pane, select Settings.

If the Roku device is in working condition

[2] You will now see another list of options in that select System option.

[3] In the drop-down list, you will see a System Restart option; select that.

[4] Now, choose the Restart option.

If the Roku device is in working condition

Now, your Roku device will begin the process of the restart, and eventually, the device will get turned on automatically.

If the Roku Device is in Frozen State

If your Roku device has frozen, you will have to restart it using the Roku remote. Follow the protocol shown below. Also, use your Roku remote to perform these functions.

5*Home button > 1*Up Arrow > 2*Rewind Button> 2*Fast Forward button.

Updating Your System Software

Software updates bring lots of bug fixes and stability improvements. This might lead us to fix our issues. So, follow the steps below to update Roku.

[1] Press the Home button o your Roku remote.

[2] In the left pane, you will see a list of options; select Settings

[3] Scroll down from the Settings and select the System option.

[4] Now, choose the System update option.

Updating Your System Software

Click on the Check Now option. If there is any update available, it will download it. Then it will automatically update that version.

Factory Reset to Fix Roku Not Working on TV

The last option is to just factory reset Roku to fix the not working issue on the TV, but this process results in the deletion of all personalized data. Follow the step mentioned below to do that.

[1] Select Settings on your Home screen. Once you click on that, select the System option.

[2] Under the system option’s list, you will see Advanced System Settings; select that.

Factory Reset to fix Roku not Working on TV

[3] Now, select the Factory reset option, and then in the new list of menus, press Factory reset everything.

[3] On the screen, you will see a code below the number pad. Enter that code and press OK.

Now the process of factory reset will begin. Once it gets over and the system is restarting, fill in your Wi-Fi username and password to connect Roku to wifi.

Alternative Method to Reset Roku Device using Reset Button

If in some scenarios, you are unable to reset the device using the above-mentioned process, we have got you another method. Follow the steps mentioned below to do that.

[1] The first step is to locate the reset button. This button is located on the back or bottom of the device. It will look like a tactile button or a pinhole. If it is the form of a pinhole button, you will have to use a paperclip or a pen to press the button.

[2] Now you will have to make sure that the device is on. If your screen is blank. It might be because it is not powered on or the display itself is not working. For this, the best is to simply check the Roku device. If the white LED is on, it means that the Roku device is on.

Alternative Method to Reset Roku device using Reset Button

[3] Now press and hold the Reset button for at least 10 seconds. If the white LED light is flashing, that means that the reset process is complete.

Troubleshooting Method for Roku Remote Not Working

If your Roku remote is not working, you can’t control your Roku TV. So, you need to reset your Roku remote to return back to your entertainment. Now there are two distinct types of Roku remotes. One is the Standard IR remote, and another is Roku enhanced remote. To know which is which, just check your remote. Turn back your remote and open the battery compartment. If the device has a button near the battery compartment, as shown below, it means that the device is enhanced remote. If the remote doesn’t have this button, then it means that the remote is a standard IR remote.

Troubleshooting method for Roku remote not working

Based on which type of remote you are using, we have different methods to fix the issue.

Roku Standard IR Remote Fixes

Roku standard IR remote uses Infrared technology, which is received by the receiver on the Roku device. Because of this, your Roku device works if the remote is used in the line of sight of the receiver. So there is a chance that your standard IR remote is not working because either there is an obstacle between the two, or maybe the remote is out of range. The remote does come with a benefit. The Roku remote doesn’t need to be paired for the remote to work.

Roku Enhanced Remote Not Working

The enhanced Roku remote is a little bit complex comparatively. This is because the remote needs to be paired to the Roku device over the network. This does help as you don’t need to worry about Line of sight like the Roku Standard remote, but it also does bring with it some problems of its own. Here are some methods to fix the Roku Enhanced remote.

Restart Roku device as well as Roku Remote

[1] The first step is to remove the batteries from your remote. This battery compartment is located at the back of your Roku remote.

[2] Restart your Roku device by removing the power cord and plugging it back in after 10 seconds.

[3] Now reinsert the batteries on your Roku remote when you see Home Screen appear. In 30 seconds, the remote will be automatically connected to the device.

Re-pair the Roku remote to your Roku device

Since the remote is connected via a network. Sometimes the remote can get disconnected. So, reset your Roku remote by following the steps below:

[1] Follow the steps mentioned in the topic above from [1] to [3].

[2] Near the battery compartment, you will see a button. This is the pairing button, press and holds the button, and you will see a green light flashing after 3 seconds.

Re-pair the Roku remote to your Roku device

[3] Now, wait till the remote pairing process goes on. You will see a dialogue that will appear on your TV screen.

With this, any errors regarding Roku remote which might be causing the Roku to not Work on the TV are fixed.

Fixes for problems regarding Internet connection

Roku is a streaming device, so it will need an internet connection all the time. Roku not Working on TV might be caused due to problems with the internet. To see whether there is an issue with the internet, best is to check the speed and strength of the internet. To do that, follow the steps mentioned below.

[1] From your home screen, go to the Settings.

[2] In the list of settings, navigate to Network and select it.

[3] Now, select the Check Connection option.

Once the test is complete, you will see the Excellent, Good, Fair, or Poor in the about section. If you find poor results, there is something wrong with the internet. If that’s the case, you need to boost internet speed on Roku.

Connecting your Roku Device to 5 GHz Wireless

If you have a wireless connection instead of ethernet, it is best you check and fix if your device is not connected to a 5GHz connection as it supports only that and nothing else.

Note: All the routers are different, so if the steps mentioned don’t look the same, you might have to keep the manual with you. Also, note that this needs some tinkering with your Wi-Fi settings, so if you know your way, keep reading.

[1] The first step is to know your IP address. This is usually most of the time written on the back or below the router. If not, then on the manual. But sometimes, the label gets off. For times like this, search cmd on the search bar of your windows, and you will see a Command Prompt option; as a result, click on that.

Connecting your Roku Device to 5 GHz Wireless

[2] Now when the application opens, type {ipconfig} into the command prompt and press Enter.

[3] You will now see a list of details on the screen. From there, navigate to Default Gateway and copy the IP address beside it.

Connecting your Roku Device to 5 GHz Wireless

[4] Type in your IP address on your web browser, and you will be prompted to add your username and password.

[5] Now that you have entered the System Settings change the settings so that the router enables a 5GHz network.

Now you have to make sure that the Roku device is connected to that network.

[1] On your home screen of Roku, go to the Settings and press OK.

[2] In settings, select the Network option and press OK.

Connecting your Roku Device to 5 GHz Wireless

[3] In the Network section, select the Setup Connection option.

[4] Now go to the Wireless option and select your 5 GHz connection.

Changing your Router’s Wireless Channel

This is one of our last suggestions in our how to fix Roku not Working on TV. In this, you will be changing some settings in your Wifi only do it if you know your way around your router.

[1] The first step is to Log in to your router’s admin settings.

[2] Now you will have to change the wireless channel. It is always set in automatic but works best when you choose a specific channel.

[3] Now save your changes and reboot your router. If you still experience the same problem, follow the same steps and try a different channel now.

Audio Video Fixes for Roku devices

There are often times when the problem lies in the Audio and Video departments. We will help you fix those.

Checking the Inputs and Outputs

Sometimes the problems might arise from the loose connections. The best thing to do is to simply check all the connections. First, check the HDMI connection. If that is working, then try the Audio input. Also, if you were using a wired internet connection, try plugging it back again too. You should also check your power cable. Finally, try checking if the Mute button on your remote is turned on or not.

Fixing Audio Sync Issues

There might be an issue with the audio setting in the UI. So, follow the steps to fix the issue.

[1] Begin with pressing the Home button on your Roku device and going into the Settings.

[2] Navigate to the Audio option and select it.

[3] Now, if you are connected via HDMI for audio, adjust your setting to Stereo and change your HDMI to PCM-Stereo.

Fixing the Video Sync Issue

If this is the issue fiddling with the refresh rate is a good suggestion.

[1] Go to the Settings option on your Home screen.

[2] Now select the System option and then select the Advanced System Settings.

[3] Choose the Advanced Display Settings option on the dropdown list.

[4] Now you will see the Auto-adjust display refresh rate option; toggle it Off.

Roku App Not Working Leading to Roku Not Working on TV

Roku app not working leading to Roku not Working on TV

The last topic in this guide is Roku mobile app not working. This app works as a remote, too, so many are used to navigating around the UI. So we have brought some fixes for this too. Before we start best, we suggest you update the app as it brings fixes to many bugs.

Connecting Both Devices to the Same Network.

Most routers nowadays often come with two different networks- a 2.4 GHz and a 5GHz option. You should make sure both the devices are connected to the same WIFI network, or else the device won’t be available on the Roku remote app.

How to fix Roku’s Mobile App Network Problem

[1] The first step is to go to the Home screen using the Home button on your Roku remote and then select the Settings option.

[2] Now head to the System and select Advanced system settings.

[3] In that, you will see the Control by Mobile apps option.

[4] Finally, go to the Network Acess option and try changing from Permissive to Default.


1. Why my Roku TV is not working?

There is no specific reason why your Roku TV is not working. It is due to a lot of factors. For example, there might be some hardware issues on Roku.

2. Why my Roku TV is not working with a remote?

Your Roku remote might not be working. In this scenario, reset your Roku TV or replace it with the best Roku remote.

3. Why is my Roku channel not working?

Your Roku channel may not be working because of internet connectivity issues.