VPN (Virtual Private Network) helps to hide your identity and be a ghost online. For Roku, there is no necessity for any Virtual Private Network as all the channels available in the channel store are safe and legal. Also, there is no possibility to install any third-party application on Roku. But if you want to watch any geo-restricted content on your Roku device, then you need an active VPN service to make that happen. This guide will show you how to install a VPN on Roku.

There are two possibilities to access VPN on Roku.

  • Create a Virtual VPN router and connect your Roku to the network.
  • Setup VPN on your Router and then connect your Roku to it.

Method 1: Create Virtual VPN Router and then Connect your Roku to it

To create a Virtual VPN router, you can use either Windows or Mac computer.

Create Virtual VPN router Using Windows

[1] Download and install a VPN service on your PC.

[2] From the taskbar, click on the WiFi icon and open Network & Internet Settings.

Install VPN on Roku

[3] Choose Mobile Hotspot from the panel and turn the Share my Internet connection with other devices toggle on.

Install VPN on Roku

[4] Now choose Status from the panel and click on Change Adapter Options.

Adapter options

[5] Under Adapter options, right-click on your VPN service.

[6] Choose Properties from the context menu.


[7] From the top, go to Sharing section.

[8] Check the Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection box.

Install VPN on Roku

[9] Select the Home networking connection to the hotspot that you are sharing.

Install VPN on Roku

[9] Click on OK to save the settings.

[10] Now launch the VPN service on your PC and set the region you need to connect.

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Create Virtual VPN router Using Mac

[1] Click on Apple logo and choose System Preference option from the menu.

[2] Select Network Settings and set up a new VPN network.


[3] Select the Interface as VPN and set the VPN type as per your provider.

Install VPN on Roku

[4] Also, give any name to your server and click on Create.

[5] Open the created VPN and open the authentication settings.

[6] Set up a password to the service and click on OK to proceed further.


[7] Then, click on Advanced and check the Send all traffic over VPN connection box.

Install VPN on Roku

[8] Click on OK to save the changes you made.

[9] Once the setup process is done, select the Network and click on Connect.


[10] Now get back to System Preferences and choose Sharing.

[11] In sharing, check Internet sharing and also check the WiFi box.

Install VPN on Roku

[12] Enter the required details like Network name, channel, security, password, and verify password in the respective field.

[13] Once all filled out, click on Done to finish the process.

Connect Roku to VPN Network

Once the VPN setup is done on your PC, reset your Roku device to default settings.

[1] Ensure the location of your Roku account and the VPN server you want to connect are the same. Visit my.roku.com to change the location for your Roku account.

[2] Press the home button on your Roku remote.

[3] Choose Settings from the menu and select Network.

[4] Choose Set up Connection and select Wireless.

[5] Select the virtually created WiFi hotspot which you have set up before.

[6] Now you have successfully connected your Roku to VPN service.

Method 2: Setup VPN on Roku and then Connect Roku to it

While comparing with the above process, it is a slightly difficult process to carry out. The steps will vary depending on the type of VPN service you have chosen.

After selecting and purchasing the best VPN for your Roku, set up their VPN service on your router using their website’s manual guide. Then, connect your Roku to the router via WiFi or ethernet cable (if supported).

Hope this article fulfils your need to connect your Roku to a VPN service. Connecting to VPN might slow down your internet speed a little bit, which is normal. If you have any queries, make use of the comments section below.