We all know Roku is a hub for all the premium channels and streaming platforms. Then, how come Roku will miss out on Netflix, which carries lots of critically acclaimed and blockbuster movies, series, and original content? But the problem right now is many users have reported that the Netflix app keeps crashing on their Roku TV. It has become quite a debate among the online crowd, and Roku users are confused about why this problem is occurring. For such users, we have come up with the reasons for this issue and possible remedies. After making sure your device doesn’t have any hardware damage, follow the upcoming troubleshooting methods and fetch favorable results.

Reasons Why Netflix Keeps Crashing on Roku TV

  • Hardware or software issues on Roku
  • Weak internet supply
  • Server issues
  • Cache files

How to Solve Netflix Crashing Issue on Roku

Using the following listed troubleshooting techniques, you can fix Netflix crashing issues on Roku TV. Follow them one by one until you are out of it.

Reconnect Roku

Sometimes, the connecting wires of your Roku device and TV or TV’s power cord and power socket might have loosened or not connected properly. This will make way for Netflix crashing on Roku. So, first, check if your Roku device and TV are connected properly to each other as well as the power supply.

Or else, unplug all of them and reconnect again for better clarity. If the Netflix crashing on Roku TV still continues, then check if there are any damages in the wires of the TV and Roku. Replace the part or repair the damage if anything is found. If there is nothing like that, then proceed to the next troubleshooting technique.

Look at the Internet Connection

Issues in your internet connection will also lead to Netflix crashing on Roku. So first, check whether your Roku device is within the Wi-Fi connection range. If not, place them closer. If yes, reset your internet connection to break the barriers of proper internet supply. You can do it either by manually resetting the connection.

[1] Press the Home button of the Roku remote.

[2] Open Settings Advanced System Settings options and select Network connection reset.

Select Network connection reset

[3] Finally, click the Reset connection option.

If the crashing continues, try connecting your Roku to another internet source or try the next fix.

Restart Netflix Channel

At times, certain short-lived bugs cause temporary issues on the Netflix app, which may look threatening. If you can’t open the Netflix app on your Roku device, a simple restart will fix the issue. But there is no separate procedure for restarting a particular channel on Roku. So first, exit from the Netflix channel and close it from the background. Relaunch it and check if the problem occurs again. If it happens again, go to the next fix.

Update Netflix Channel

If you are using an older version of Netflix on Roku TV, errors like freezing will occur. Also, the Netflix app will keep closing when you try to open the app on your Roku device. So, check if you are using the latest version of the Netflix channel on Roku and update if you are not using the latest version.

[1] From your Roku home screen, press the Home button.

[2] Press the right arrow key on your remote and open up the channel grid.

[3] Now select the Netflix app tile and click on the Asterisk (*) key.

[4] Click on the Check for Updates option.

Check for updates to solve Netflix Crashing on Roku

[5] Roku will search for an update and install it right away if found.

A newer version of Netflix will have all the bugs and glitches removed. Thus you’ll be able to access it without any issues on Roku. If you have the same even after updating the app, you need to delete the app from Roku and install it again.

Reinstall Netflix Channel

On your Roku, press the Home right arrow buttons on the remote and choose the Netflix app. Press Asterisk (*) key → Remove channelRemove. Now the Netflix channel will be uninstalled from your Roku device.

Remove Netflix channel

After a while, go to the Streaming Channels Search Channels options. Type and search for Netflix and hit the Add Channel button. After installation, launch the channel and log in with its credentials.

Add Netflix channel on Roku

If this fix is not working for you, try the next solution.

Clear Cache on Roku

Cache data is very common on Roku. But if they are stored in excess amounts, it will lead to misbehavior of channels within it. Maybe the Netflix channel on your Roku keeps crashing due to a glut of cache data. So clearing the cache on Roku might help Netflix work without crashing. To do so, follow the below steps.

[1] Pick up the Roku remote and press the Home button.

[2] When the Home screen interface opens up, press the following buttons in sequential order.

  • Home button – 5 times
  • Up button
  • Rewind button – 2 times &
  • Fast forward2 times

[3] After doing these, your Roku device will restart and Netflix might work normally. If not, try the next solution.

Update Roku Device

Running your Roku device on its old software version will bring issues to its channels in many forms, just like Netflix crashing on Roku TV. Updating firmware on Roku will likely help you. Moreover, updating speeds up the device frees up its memory, and automatically updates all the channels present in it. The procedure for updating Roku software involves the following steps.

[1] Press the Home button on Roku remote.

[2] Open Settings → SystemSystem Update options.

[3] At last, click Check Now and if a Roku software update is available, it will be installed.

Check for updates to solve Netflix Crashing on Roku

[4] Check if the Netflix app is working without the crossing issue. If it is not working, you need to reset the device.

Factory Reset Roku

If none of the above troubleshooting resolves Netflix crashing on Roku, then the final thing left to try from your side is factory resetting Roku. There might be serious problems with the software of your Roku. Hence by factory resetting, you can restore its settings to default. Also, this will reset and remove all the channels installed on your Roku, including the Netflix app. You need to download & set up Netflix again.

[1] Open the Roku home page and navigate to Settings → SystemAdvanced system settings options.

[2] Select the Factory reset option,

[3] On the confirmation screen, click the Reset Everything button.

[4] After the reset, install the Netflix app on Roku and check if it is working or not.

Factory reset to fix Netflix Crashing on Roku

[5] If it is not working, contact the customer support.

Contact Customer Support

If Netflix still keeps crashing on your Roku TV, then the problem is definitely from the service provider’s side and not you. So check if its server state is normal by visiting the Downdetector website. You can also report this issue or look for guidance on the Roku support webpage. On Netflix’s help page, you can chat with the support team or get a contact number to speak over the phone regarding this issue. They’ll update you as to when the issue will be weeded out, and Netflix will be back to normal.


Why does Netflix keep kicking me off on Roku?

You are kicked out of the Netflix channel because of miscommunication between your Roku device and the authentication server. To solve this issue, log out of Netflix from Roku and log in again.

Why does Netflix keep crashing on Hisense and TCL Roku TV?

This is due to excess cache data on your Roku TV. Rebooting the TV will help to fix the issue.