Network TV is the local network channels that are telecasting with-in your region. By streaming that channels, you can stream all the local news, sports, shows, and many more. It keeps you updated with all the news and events happening within your locality. There are several ways to watch those Network TV (Live TV Channels) on your Roku device. Let’s discuss this more in detail.

How to Watch Network TV [Live TV] on Roku

The most common way to watch Network TV is by using cable TV service, where you will have easy access to all local network services. If you are not a cable TV person, then here are some other ways to watch network TV on Roku.

  • Via local channels available on Roku channel store
  • Using subscription services
  • Mirroring from smartphone/PC
  • Via cable/antenna

Local Channels Available on Roku Channel Store

Several channels are available on Roku to stream local channels for free. Some of them are WBRC FOX 6 News, WTVF News Channel, Boston 25, Channel 11 News, NewsOn, Haystack TV, Newsy, Pluto TV, WSB-TV Channel 2, News 12, KGTV 10 News San Diego, Crackle, and much more.

To add those channels on your Roku device,

[1] Press the home button on your Roku remote.

[2] Navigate to the search menu.


[3] Search for any of the free live TV channel available on Roku.

[4] Click on Add channel

[5] Open the channel and start streaming it on your device.

Using Subscription Services

There are several subscription services that are available on the Roku device. By using that, you can watch all kind of Live TV channels on Roku.

Mirroring from Smartphone/PC

Mirroring is also one of the best ways to watch Live TV Channels on your Roku device. It can be done using Android, iOS, and Windows computers.

Using Android

[1] Download and install any local Network app from the PlayStore.

[2] Open settings and select the Wireless/connection settings.

[3] Choose the Cast menu and enable Wireless display.

cast - Android

[4] Select your Roku device and watch the Network TV on Roku.

Using iPhone

[1] Download and install any one of the local Network TV apps and Mirror for Roku app from the App store.

[2] Select your Roku and then mirror the iPhone screen by going through the on-screen prompts.


[3] Launch the Network TV app and stream its contents.

[4] The media will mirror on the Roku screen.

Using Windows PC

[1] Open settings and select systems.

[2] Under display settings, select Connect to wireless display.

[3] Select your Roku device from the list.

connect to wireless display - PC

[4] Play any local channel streaming using the Web version and mirror it on your Roku device.

Network TV on Roku Via Cable/Antenna TV

You can also access Local Network TV by subscribing to any of the Cable/Antenna TV services available within your locality. It can offer you almost all the local channels from your Network for free or at some minimal cost. Some of the popular Cable/Antenna TV services is

  • Mediacom
  • RCN
  • Spectrum
  • Xfinity
  • CableOne
  • Cox
  • Optimum
  • Suddenlink and more

You can access local channels on your Roku by clicking on Cable Box or Antenna TV, depending on the device connected to your Roku.

These are some of the ways to watch Network TV (Live TV Channels) on your Roku device. It is best to have a cable TV service or subscription service to have access to more than one channel at a time.