Discovery Plus is an online streaming service that provides content like TV shows, Discovery Plus originals, Documentaries, etc. You can stream Discovery plus on your device by purchasing at a cheaper premium of $4.99/ month(with ads) or $6.99/ month (without ads). For new users, the service offers a 7-day free trial to use the premium features for free. Even though they offer promising plans, some Roku users experience not working errors and other problems with the app. To fix the Discovery plus not working error on Roku, you can perform some troubleshooting steps on your device.

Reason for Discovery Plus not Working on Roku

The Discovery Plus app not working error might occur due to technical glitches, lack of internet bandwidth, cache problems, etc. These problems may also cause some other problems, like

  • Discovery Plus freezing, buffering
  • Shows won’t save to the Playlist
  • DRM error message

These are some of the other problems that users face with their premium subscriptions. To fix this issue, you can follow some of the troubleshooting steps on the device.

How to Fix Discovery Plus Not Working on Roku

To steps to fix Discovery plus app are

Clear Cache on Roku

A cache file is used to fasten the loading process in an app. But sometimes, these cache files might contain corrupted files that act as a hindrance to the app’s performance. In that case, clearing the cache files is a viable fix to solve the not working error of Discovery plus. You can clear the cache files on Roku using the remote or through the settings.

1: Press the Home button five times on your Roku remote.

Press the button to Clear Cache files on Roku and to fix the Discovery Plus not working issue

2: Then, press the Up button once.

3: Now, press the Rewind button two times.

4: Select the Fast Forward button once

By following these remote combinations, your Roku will clear the cache files and restart your device.

Power Cycle your WiFi Router

If your WiFi router sends low internet bandwidth to your Roku device, then you might experience a not working error on the Discovery plus app. To fix this, you need to Power Cycle your WiFi router is a good solution.

1: Turn off your router by plugging out the power cables from the socket.

2: Let the router be idle for 3-5 minutes.

3: Now connect the cables to the WiFi router and wait for 1 minute.

4: After 1 minute, connect your Roku to the router and open the app.

Now check whether the fix has solved the not working issue or not.

Re-Login to Discovery Plus

If the temporary glitch is the problem, then a simple log out and login will fix the Discovery plus not working error on Roku.

1: Open the Discovery Plus channel, and select the Profile icon.

2: Then scroll down and choose the Settings option.

3: Next, click on the Logout option at the bottom of the screen.

4: Now, quit the app after logging out.

5: After logging out, open the Discovery Plus app on your device.

6: Select the Login button and enter your credentials to log in to your account.

Now check whether the fix has solved the not working error of the Discovery plus app.

Update Discovery Plus

Another reason for the app not working might be connected to the usage of an outdated version of the app. In that case, updating the app will fix the problem.

1: Press the Home button and visit the home screen of Roku.

2: Next, select the Channels option on the home screen.

3: From the list of channels, navigate and highlight the Discovery Plus channel.

4: Now, press the * button on your Roku remote.

5: Choose the Check for Updates option on the pop-up menu.

6: The Discovery Plus app will get updated to the available new version on your Roku device.

Update Roku

Like the Discovery Plus app, you should keep updating to the latest version of your Roku device for the best performance. So update your Roku device to fix the not working error of Discovery plus.

1: From the Roku home screen, select Settings.

Select Settings option

2: Then, choose the System option from the left pane.

Click on System

3: Now, select the System Update option on the left.

Click on System Update option

4: Click on the Check Now button for the latest updates.

Update your Roku device to fix Discovery Plus not working error

5: Your Roku device will now scan for any possible update.

If an update is found, your Roku device will update to the latest firmware.

Reset Roku

Resetting your Roku device may fix all the issues within your Roku device. So, if the Discovery Plus is still not working, Reset your Roku device. But remember, resetting Roku will erase all your data and downloaded channels on your device. So consider this method as a last resort.

1: Click on the Settings option from the home screen.

Select Settings

2: Next, select the System option from the screen.

Select System

3: From the System section, choose Advanced System Settings.

Select Advanced System Settings

4: Now, select the Factory Reset option.

5: In the next step, enter the code displayed on the screen and click on the OK button.

Enter PIN to Factory Reset Roku

6: Finally, choose the Start factory reset option and reset the Roku device.

Factory Reset Roku to fix the Discovery Plus not working issue

Contact Customer Support

If the above steps failed to solve the Discovery Plus not working on Roku, try reaching out to Customer support of the service.

1: Visit the official support page of Discovery Plus.

2: Enter your Email address and your Country name.

3: In the Additional Information section, enter the following:

  • Enter the device name as Roku
  • Mention the version of the Discovery Plus application you are using

4: If you have a screenshot of the problem, upload the picture. Or else, leave this as optional.

5: Then, click on Submit button.

Click on Submit to fix Discovery Plus not working on Roku.

6: The customer support team will get back to you with a working fix to solve the issue.

Follow the above-mentioned troubleshooting methods to fix the not working error of Discovery plus and other issues on your Roku device. If none of the fixes doesn’t solve the not working problem, you can mention them in the comments section. We will respond with the best fixes for the not working problem.